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Ivy is an intuitive, mystic, psychic, medium, shaman, and women's soul coach professionally trained in shamanism by some of the most well-respected shamans worldwide. In college, she minored in psychology and she has always had an interest in the esoteric. She studied Kabbalah in Safed, Israel also known as "The Mystical City" as it is the hub of Kabbalah and Mysticism. 


At age five she saw her first spirit animal, at age eight had a near-death experience and has connected with the angelic realm since she was a young girl. She has been trained via Beaumont Hospital in Reiki and MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) that assists with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. She has completed both Soul Restoration and Life Restoration Courses bringing back tools of empowerment for women.


Ivy is a wife, mother, artist, drummer, and nature lover who continues her holistic, spiritual, and healing education and certifications on a regular basis. Through years of personal healing followed by years of extensive training, Ivy has a variety of offerings that are often custom fit based on her client's needs.

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