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"It is our divine right to live authentically"

Ivy's sessions are designed to inspire and empower you as she believes we are all deserving of a life filled with love and joy.

-All sessions are currently virtual until further notice-

Once payment is complete you will receive a confirmation call to schedule a time and date.



Intuitive Consultations & Soul Coaching

Delve into a Divinely Guided Intuitive Session, custom fit for you. Choose a general Guidance or address particular challenges, situations, circumstances, or relationships, either personal or professional. 

Soul Coaching Sessions are custom fit for each individual as we are all at different places on our Spiritual Path. Ivy’s clients vary from those with minimal spiritual knowledge to already practicing practitioners. She guides women to find their own inner truth and gifts, leaving old stories behind so that they can stand in their power and live their life authentically.



45 minutes $50  

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60 minutes $65

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90 minutes $95

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Akashic Readings

In this reading, you will be given information from "your" book of life that is sacredly held in the Akashic Realm. Your book holds all that you are, ever have been, and always will be. The Akasha will reveal what is relevant to you at the time of your reading and usually brings to light at least one past life that links a connection to your current lifetime. 


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Oracle Card Reading

Various decks are available including angels, goddesses, and shamans. Ivy’s intuition and guidance from spirit, guides, and angels will uncover divine messages that are just for you! Choose a general message or seek guidance on a particular subject.

30 minutes $35  

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45 minutes $50

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Group Readings available

15 minutes each, $25 per/person

Please e-mail for group appointments


Energy & Chakra Clearing Meditation

Ivy will be divinely guided to clear out that which no longer serves your highest good, filling your energetic field with loving light from the source of all that is. This is a gift you can use repeatedly on your own!


30 minutes $60

phone/online only  

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45 minutes $90

phone/online only  

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 Shamanic Journey

You will be guided to meet at least one helping spirit guide, spirit animal, and possibly angels as we journey to another realm or alternate reality. Shamanism is a spiritual practice, not a religious practice, that at the core is based on connection to Nature. People of many religions and professions incorporate shamanic traditions into their lives. It is one of the oldest tribal healing traditions of Indigenous people and can be found in various cultures worldwide, with a growing interest in the western world.

45 minutes $90

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60 minutes $120

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Women’s Moon Circles

Live Event

Near the new and full moon, we gather in a "sacred space". 

We focus on manifesting our desires and releasing that which no longer serves us. 

This is an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their spiritual practices, gain empowerment in their own lives or simply join like-minded women. 

See Mystical Soul Work's Facebook for more information on time and dates for Women's Moon Circles:

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