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Crescent Moon

"Wow! I was amazed how accurate and helpful Ivy’s Akashic Records reading was. First, she connected with White Owl, one of my power animals, then she described a Native American guide from the Chippewa tribe!

I hadn’t told her that I have worked with a Chippewa guide for years. Ivy also shared several insights about current family and health issues I had been dealing with, often connecting them to past lives. Her information provided clarity, helping me understand and providing solutions. I loved the reading and highly recommend Ivy." 


"Journey into a new world with Ivy and her drum beats, and soothing voice as she guides you to be whisked away; while never leaving the privacy of your own home. What a wonderful way to experience peace in a time of chaos. I was able to relax and meet a new guide and spirit animal from my own room in Texas. Thank you ladies for an amazing journey and for the extra reading at the end of the session. I could feel the love and authenticity of her practice. I cant wait until the next time. Namaste"


Third Eye

"I’ve attended Ivy’s Full Moon Ceremony, and I also have been blessed to know her personally. She holds space for spiritual and emotional growth, with knowledge, ease, strength, and grace. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking connection with themselves and spirit."



"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading and consultation!  I really enjoyed your spirit, energy, and office!  Once I made it home I stood out in my backyard and a hawk flew directly above my head :) :) I really appreciate the universe connecting our spirits.  Ivy, you're AMAZING!"



"My reading with Ivy was filled with amazing insights.  She has a true gift for delivering a message to you that is filled with compassion and spiritual depth. I highly recommend a reading with her!"


Decorative Shape
Crying Eye

"The reading and consultation I received from you could not have been more accurate!  You have such a wonderfully natural born gift. I look forward to doing future readings and consults with you. Thank you, again!!!"



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